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Ryan's Resume Writing Service

Your Personal Marketing Lab


Create Your Future.

Highlight Your Past.

The game is changing. We used to find jobs in the classified ads and hand our resumes to the manager after shaking hands and having a chat.




It just doesn't work like that anymore.

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My name is Ryan MacArthur and I'm here to help you land an interview and take control of your career. 

You need a resume tailored towards two audiences; hiring managers and applicant tracking systems (ATS). Sound complicated? Its is. Can I help you? Absolutely.

A modern, effective, and ATS-optimized resume has a combination of job-related keywords, organic writing, and proper formatting.



Why work with me? I've written over 2,000 resumes and built an extensive network of hiring managers, recruiters, and headhunters who provide insight about what to write and how to structure the content. I also earned two master's degrees in writing and have a passion for helping others.

From a newly graduated graphic designer to a manufacturing operations manager with over 20 years experience, I can help you get to where you want to go.



Resume Rules*

1. Focus on what you accomplished. Quantifiable data ($, #, %) works best, but the key is showing cause and effect.

2. 0 - 2 years experience = 1 pager | 3 - +20 years experience = 1.5 - 2 pager


Academic CVs can go as high as 10 pages but avoid pushing professional resumes to +3 pages.

3. Some companies will set their ATS to pre-screen and discard resumes for a variety of reasons. Avoid mentioning business ownership, experience greater than 15 years, overlapping dates, and too many (5+) positions.

*There are always exceptions to the rules, but these apply to a majority of situations.*





Ready to start? Email me at or send a WhatsApp text to (+1)757.245.2501 with a brief introduction. From there, I'll send you a questionnaire about your career background, goals, etc.

One-page Resume (anyone born after 1996) = $100

Standard Two-page Resume = $125

Academic CV = $200

Executive/C-level Resume = $250

I also offer additional services like cover letters, phone consultations and LinkedIn re-writes. Those fees vary based on time spent and word count. We can discuss once we've connected.

Teachers, Nurses, Firefighters, Police, Military (Veterans & Active-Duty) get 10% off. I also donate 5% of each fee to Soccer Without Borders.

I accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay - half up front and half after you've received the first draft.


Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Let's get started on super-charging your career!

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